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前台HuBei Shijia Technology & Communication Co.,ltd. is located in Wuhan Advanced Materials Industrial Bases (Torch Program), and is one of the new material technology enterprises of Hubei Provincial Science & Technology Department. We always be the pioneer of the development of automatic technology, and have a good relation with many international enterprises. With the advanced products and technology, and rich experiences in automatic control, we provide services such as system solutions, R&D and system build-up to customers.商务区


In 2008, our branch “Wuhan SuoKong Energy-saving Equipment Institute” was established. It turned the technology and HR advantages of Science & Technology Department into enterprise’s core competence. We, therefore, developed into a high-tech enterprise 文化区that engaged in electrical automation, automation of production process, R&D of electric drive products, design of electrical engineering, system integrated manufacturing, talents training and technology service in industrial fields such as metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, tobacco, water and electricity, automobile and textile. In 2009, the project “SJ-01A High Performance Inverter” which was R&D independently was listed in the special pl学习区an of cultivating tech-based SMEs in Qiaokou District.


We focus on developing and training talents, our team is young and energetic and comprises of senior engineers, Masters, Bachelors and 操作区colleges. Our company is rapidly developing and we warmly welcome talents to join us!


The compan加工中心y is located in the city of Wuhan: Albert machining center north of Hankou the four seasons Food across town Huanglong Industrial park.



HuBei Shijia Technology & Communication Co., Ltd., one of the dazzling pearl in the field, provides professional services to all types of customers.

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