■ OEM Electrical Engineering
The company provides the perfect industrial control equipment packing and technical support to OEM customers, from product development to customer service and complete supporting service. Such as: machinery manufacturing industry as the Sanjiang group, OuKe machinery, Haitai machinery, Fuster group, Dongtai Machinery manufacturing, factory 461, Haier group, the group of the United States to provide electrical service; in the textile industry as Shangyu Tianzhu textile machinery, textile machinery, Shaoxing Haisen Tianmen textile machinery and other enterprises to provide textile equipment electrical services.
■ undertake system integration manufacturing projects, product research and development, software development
The company is focusing on the research and development of products, the company to undertake the electrical automation project of industrial automation, process automation, electrical drives, electrical engineering from the technical solution to product design, software development, integrated manufacturing and customer service service contract service. Such as: Tianhe aircraft energy-saving control remote two oil supply system, SJ-01A cabinet, automatic feeding system of punch press, automatic strip cutting machine etc..
■ industrial equipment repair services
The company repair professional repair all kinds of brand inverter, soft start, DC speed control, servo controller, UPS power supply, PLC, man-machine interface and other kinds of industrial automation equipment (except mechanical failure). Specialize in: CNC machinery FANUC system, Siemens system of CNC machine tool repair, Continental |ABB DC governor repair, regular maintenance robot.
We have also developed: industrial equipment regular home maintenance services; inverter annual comprehensive maintenance repair business; automation equipment and technical training, consulting services.
■ famous foreign industrial products agents
One, industry automation division
Kingpin: inverter, servo, reducer, man-machine interface, PLC, DC converter, soft start, (YSC) pneumatic components, industrial supplies, ball screw, rod, linear guide rail, encoder, NC system, JAGER electric spindle, brushless motor, temperature controller etc.
Two, the power semiconductor division
■ Germany Semikron (Simon Kang) China authorized agents, eupec, Japan's three agency power semiconductor, USA NeLBOE power semiconductor, IXYS power semiconductor Chinese agents.
■ American CDE non inductive capacitor Chinese authorized agents, high performance electrolytic capacitor of Italy Kendeil, an agent
■ Spain CATELEC module China agent
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