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Corporate culture

1.A spirit of enterprise: forging ahead in unity, integrity and innovation.
2, the core concept: the product is is forearmed, and Prosperity
3, the marketing idea: the customer is God, integrity forever
4, the concept of effectiveness: effectiveness to create something, by the accumulation of wealth
5, the philosophy of science and technology: convergence full of wisdom, the pursuit of science and technology leading
6, the work ethic: rigorous and pragmatic, harmonious and efficient
7, work style: strict, fine, in fact, the hard
Talent: Maxima is out of the race
9, the development concept: No idea, no way out, no innovation can be no development
10, and morality: the heart bright right way to do the humanoid is Kagenao
11, the concept of time: time arrested is gold, not caught up is water
12, the concept of security: security is effective, Peace is happy
13, the concept of quality: products such as character, quality of life such
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