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    Grid purification control

        SJ-05A grid purifying energy saving control devices, can be used in 380V, 690V low voltage network and 6KV 10KV high voltage power grid. Can filter out zero Department of harmonic currents and reactive power compensation, in order to effectively improve the power grid power factor and improve power quality to address the equipment fever, the line voltage drop and flicker.
        Harmonics by nonlinear loads, such as motor, inverter, UPS, rectifiers from cited. Harmonic is increasing serious problem for the electricity sector and the electricity unit.
    Can be seen from the following example figure, the inverter to the grid current distortion (power distribution network line current and line current harmonics)

    控制柜电容控制柜Harmonics will lead to a series of questions:
    1, so that the cable wires, motors and other equipment to overheat 2, the circuit breaker tripping, fuse ahead of melting short
    3, damage to sensitive equipment, each device to shorten the life of four instrumentation malfunction, the device repeat start
    The work of the original

    控制柜电容柜|武汉电容柜SJ-05A core technology, full digital control system, excellent performance and the use of closed-loop feedback control methods to ensure higher filtering and reactive power compensation accuracy can be independently set the filtering mode real-time fault recording and event logging can automatically adapt to changes in impedance of the grid in the primary circuit MODBUS RTU communication protocol and control loop between the fiber completely electrically isolated from the advanced programmable digital I / O interface can be set at the same time, and store two sets of operating parameters, for different load conditions to compensate for common


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