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Application Guide

A resume.
The company website login Albert recruitment page, select the position, to submit a resume or CV; will be sent directly to WHSJKX@136.com, mail theme format: position + name + university one is graduated from.
Resume two primaries.
Receive online resume, according to the company for the job requirements to meet the primary conditions of people will enter the next round of check; if the primary fails, will be included in our talent database.
Written examination three.
To resume the qualified candidates, we will telephone invitation to participate in our test, please be sure to bring a Chinese resume and a one inch color photo, carrying a black pen.
The initial four.
We will consider your resume, written questionnaires, interview arrangement, notify the applicants by phone or SMS, email. On the day of the interview transcripts, must carry the internship certificate, employment recommendation table, three party agreement of the original, ID card, student card, certificate, certificate and a copy of the original copies.
Re five.
We will arrange the reexamination through the first test of the applicants.
Six. Recruitment
1, sign internship agreement
We will regard the test and retest, to meet the requirements of the applicant to sign internship agreement within one week, probation starting date the company will unite arrangement, and can solve the account, the archives to comply with the conditions of the graduates, and the signing of the agreement.
2, probation
Sign an internship agreement, candidates into the company for a period of 1-2 weeks of training, qualified to enter the formal probation period.
The 3 sign the formal employment contract
Internship period, after assessment is passed, will officially become a member of "world Albert".
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