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Salary and welfare

Salary and welfare
The company completely in accordance with market principles, provide competitive remuneration, in order to attract and retain talented people, but the development of individual and has worked closely related, the quantitative performance appraisal system is a set of industry, each team or individual can clearly understand the self operating condition, and independent distribution of income and tax declaration. At the same time, we also formulate relevant welfare standards, including social security, health insurance, paid annual leave, and various departments organized activities.
Employee benefits
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In addition to the legal risk, we also provide additional members of special types of work accident insurance welfare measures, so that employees have life and security more perfect.
The company has better than the state regulations paid annual leave, and overtime.
Company collective hire staff quarters, provide superior to external rental housing.
The company has set aside funds for trade unions, employee benefit plan, provide staff birthday gifts, travel, meals, entertainment and other departments.
The company also assist employees registered permanent residence and residence permits and other related procedures.

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