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1 A: I want to ask is engaged in sales work, what the development of space in the company?
B: answer each sales people just to the enterprise, the probation period is engaged in business assistant position, because of your business rules, operation process and other sectors are not familiar with, there must be a transition period. In the earlier period, your performance, ability to get leaders affirmed, as your leader, will transfer a certain number of customers for you to maintain, so you should be very hard to treat, and strive to develop new customers, create the initial performance; to the independent inspection clerk from business assistant, rise as sales engineer then, as business managers, to lead your team, and your team, to success.

2 A: ask for the place of work and jobs, whether employees can choose?
B: a principle of employing company is the localization of staff, can choose their own intention of the city office, we will try our best to meet the requirements for the place of work and my work. Due to the regional diversity, all staff together to learn from each other, the market demand is changing, so the work staff to obey the place of work, job allocation. As business people, work is not the most important, the market demand is the most important.

3 A: ask your company labor contract signed a few years?
B: a labor contract management Shijia Weiye electronic company is perfect. In accordance with the labor law, signed 3 year contract with employees into the company registration, including the probationary period is 3 months. 3 years after the expiration of the contract may be concluded through consultation between the parties in different period of labor contract: a period of 3 years, 5 years or no fixed term contract.

4 A: ask your company can receive their accounts and files?
B: a corporate welfare for employees is more perfect, thoughtful consideration of comparison, the company can receive the staff records and accounts for social security, Medicare. In addition to work in the company, one year after graduation, the human resources department person in charge shall be given for the evaluation of professional titles.

5 A: ask your company to do business is a royalty?
B: answer because most company personnel recruitment is fresh graduates, have no work experience, from the beginning of the trial period, the company will spend a lot of money, material resources, manpower training system for new employees, after staff after side training work can independence as the corresponding job. Business people have to enter the system independent of the company's performance appraisal, 依多劳多得 principle, there are business ability not only to improve in the aspects of income, in the person's position is also improving space, become the enterprise managers. Salary, position is proportional to the employee's performance.

6 A: ask staff to subsidiary companies, companies have to provide accommodation?
B: a new employee during the probation period of three months in the headquarters in Fuzhou, or in the company, the enterprise to provide free dormitory accommodation. Three months after the conversion, in the headquarters to collect (such as 150-200) accommodation fees; if the branch in the field of accommodation, according to the actual situation about pay 100-200 yuan.

7 A: ask the company what are the benefits?
1, free trial period to provide collective dormitory, unified management;
2, through the integration of graduates, account files (Title);
3, enjoy the public transport travel service and travel allowance;
4, the company a year or more employees are entitled to paid annual leave, year-end bonus;
5, to provide the appropriate medical insurance for employees;
6, the company apply for social insurance for employees (endowment, inductrial injury, unemployment, maternity);
7, companies offer marriage as a formal staff welfare;
8, outstanding candidates can be listed training for managers.

8 A: ask if applying for the position of sales jobs, assuming no make performance, would be eliminated?
B: answer each for sales jobs just to the new enterprise, is engaged in sales assistant job, because you on business rules, operation process and other sectors are not familiar with, there must be some time to adapt. In the earlier period, your performance, have the leadership ability certainly can, such as the salesman will be asked to do certain volume, otherwise they will be eliminated. This is the social competition, for the words "work hard today, hard to find work".

9 A: ask if hired by the company, what time will arrange the report?
B: the answer is usually Shijia Weiye electronic company employees, the company's human resources department according to new employees and enterprises of the state, in every Wednesday to the Fuzhou headquarters, or around the branch.

10 A: after asking to be employed by your company, whether to sign the "national ordinary college graduate employment agreement"?
B: answer Shijia Weiye electronic company is a management system to improve and perfect the company. In order to protect the graduates and employers to the interests of both sides, by the employing units and graduates of the two sides signed the agreement with legal validity. Its function is: the main supervision graduates employment market (i.e.: employers and graduates) to fulfill their respective obligations, to protect their rights and interests, finally achieve the graduates can smoothly to employers to report to. Therefore, graduates in the implementation of the employment unit, must sign the "graduate employment agreement with the employer". Otherwise, their rights and interests can not be protected (such as files, account, title assessment).

11 A: ask to be employed by your company, to report to the company is required to submit what information?
B: answering with the employee to the enterprise registration with material:
1, personal copy of the ID card four;
2, individual employment recommendation form one original, two copies;
3, the employment agreement is made in three copies or four copies (original);
4, a copy of the original personal certificates;
5, one inch color photo four, two inches;
6, hepatitis B two pairs of semi qualified a certificate (original);
7, person months living expenses and medical cost element;
8, personal life supplies, including blankets (no more than 2 boxes);
9, physical examination certificate in one original, two copies;
10, a notebook, a pen. (often in enterprise training, need to use notes to improve memory);
11, clothing ready.

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