Due to environmental era, the use of air conditioning and water in daily life, if can with the need to adjust the amount of drive motor to operate at full speed and stop the running speed of two segments (as long as the speed demand equipment can use frequency converter with load changes and lowered the motor speed), such as this in addition to buffer the start stop, can prolong the machine the service life of equipment, reduce the noise of life, but also reduce the consumption of energy saving. As the temperature or flow control can produce many energy-saving effect? How to do a preliminary determination? Whether it is necessary to drive? These problems can be learned through the following simple calculation:
Calculation of energy saving
The motor used in general fan, water pump, pressure or head and frequency (or speed) is proportional to the square, and the power consumption is cubic. As the motor speed down to half of the original, the output power is reduced to 1/8 of the original, which saves a considerable amount of energy.
Motor speed N, the relationship between flow Q, head H and the power consumption is P:
(1) Q1/Q2=N1/N2, flow and speed is proportional to;
(2) H1/H2= (N1/N2) 2, lift and speed is proportional to the square of;
(3) P1/P2= (N1/N2) 3, power consumption and speed is proportional to the three Fang Cheng.
In the trial process, the reader can input the known conditions on the device --

For example:
Frequency: 60 or 50Hz
Motor unit capacity: kw
The electricity / Degree: when every degree electricity area valuation (unit: yuan)
Working days per year: annual working days (unit: day)
Cost: buy the amount of frequency converter
Installation: installation cost of labor cost
The working conditions of input:
20Hz daily running time: travel time estimation
On the basis of the use of the operating frequency of the input time. If you run every day total number more than 24 hours, please confirm the input. Carbon dioxide emissions per 1 degrees electric manufacturing 0.638 kg based computing.
The input data can be obtained after the recovery period, energy-saving operation simple, and provides reference for energy saving electricity. However, in actual use, users still need to consider to the motor and system efficiency and power factor.
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