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Chuangshijia was certified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2018.
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Recently, the announcement of the second batch of announcements on the list of high-tech enterprises to be identified in Wuhan in 2018 announced that, after examination and approval, Wuhan Shijiaweiye Kexun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. met the requirements for the identification of national high-tech enterprises and obtained the second batch of high-tech enterprises certification in Wuhan in 2018.

"In today's world, the tide of change and innovation is rolling forward. As early as 2,500 years ago, people in China realized that:'To benefit the people, there is no need to abide by the law; to do things carefully, there is no need to follow the custom'. Change and innovation are the fundamental motive force to push forward the development of human society. Whoever rejects change and innovation will lag behind the times and be eliminated by history." On April 10, 2018, President Xi Jinping said at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia.

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