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Full three-dimensional animation explains what an intelligent factory is?
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In the practice of Delta Intelligent Manufacturing, the factory intelligentization is promoted through its own rich knowledge in the industrial field, which integrates three major capabilities:

Automated production technology
Industrial automation products and systems
Development of Manufacturing Software
In the process of automation and information upgrade, traditional factories will import many management software platforms at different stages. Due to the lack of overall planning, different software platforms will interact with the same device repeatedly and increase the load of the equipment.

The ENI networking system built by Delta mainly realizes the data acquisition of the state and operation parameters of the whole line production equipment. Device controllers that need communication include PLC, man-machine interface and numerical control system. The data of the equipment need to be seamlessly docked with several sets of upper computer software (such as manufacturing visual management platform, MES manufacturing execution system, energy management system).

And Delta itself can provide a full range of solutions from automation machine, control layer products, communication layer products and management software. The products all conform to the unified communication protocol. It can realize seamless docking of equipment layer, control layer, communication layer and software platform, and ensure the compatibility and reliability of the system.

Take the intelligent demonstration production line of programmable logic controller (PLC) in Taida Jiangsu Wujiang Factory as an example: after the introduction of intelligent manufacturing system, the production capacity will be increased by 40%, the production area will be reduced by 62%, and the direct manpower demand will be reduced by 88%.

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