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Delta ASD

ASDA-M series triaxial motion control type


description:This series fused three servo, within the same frame with three axis motion control, exchange of data between shaft no time delay problem, can be directly conducted in drive line, arc, with helical interpolation control (ASD - M - R built-in small PLC function, strengthen the sequence control and the secondary development function), new gantry control architecture, accurate synchronization, can be used for pure rigid connection, the software has the simple cycle analysis, diagnosis ability strengthens the system problems, built-in G - code interpreter, you can extend the campaign command source.

Product introduction

Capacity range: 750W, 1.5kw, 2.0kw

Excellent multi-axis control performance

More than a single thinking, integration of three - axis servo in the same seat

Move controllers and sequential logic controllers are built in

Multi - axis synchronous interpolation control, command in internal synthesis, high synchronization

Advanced synchronization control of the dragon gate

Flexible internal position editing mode

Internally built in G code interpreter, extending the source of motion commands

Elastomer electronic CAM (e-cam) function

Excellent full-closed loop control function to improve the positioning accuracy of mechanical terminal

New PC software features

Script ASDA-Soft built - in circular analysis function

Syezasd provides PLC and Motion development environment

High precision and high performance servo motor

Incremental and absolute encoders are supported

The highest accuracy of the wooincremental encoder is 1280000p/rev

Timely and reliable high-speed motion control network

Logs supports the DMCNET or CANopen protocol

It is compatible with tada HMC, that is, it can build an integrated control system for DMCNET communication

.net supports the DMCNET communication I/O extension moduleHigher order resonance suppression

Automatic low frequency oscillation suppression in the signal line

Signal is built in automatically high frequency resonance suppression

Juxtaposed with the FFT(fast Fourier transform) oscilloscope built into the tuner software, it can monitor the current location of the common vibration points and complete the inhibition setting more precisely.

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